We have several collections, from which the client can combine the colours and designs to customise their own tiles.

Mediterrània collection
Inspired by the Mediterranean, there are combinations of warm bright colours that transmit feelings of well-being through its shades. This collection shows a blend of cultures and traditions reflected at our feet.

Mandrava collection
Inspired by the rustic areas of Mallorca, living heritage of our ancestors, we present grey combinations of centenarians floors, which even nowadays give a special character to our home.

Tramuntana collection
From the Serra de Tramuntana, World Heritage Site, and its surroundings, comes the inspiration for this series of tiles that reminds us of nature by its sinuous shapes and vivid colours.

Aigua-Pedra collection
This collection is an attempt to imitate natural elements. On the one hand, the shapes of the water, where every moment is unique and unrepeatable. And, on the other, stones and infinite marbles that have been creating nature over time.

Hexagonal collection
Inspired by modernity through their lines, straight traces and combination of colours with geometric shapes. The diversity and endless possible combinations of colours make this collection a mosaic for the more daring.

1973 collection
This is the last collection of the company.