In this section we make a compilation of the appearances of our company in the media, both written and audiovisual.

Set dies of IB3
Interview in the program Set dies of IB3, in the section “Influencer of your town” on September 19, 2019, where Guillem explains how the concept of sales has evolved using social networks, but following the same traditional method and handcrafted for more than 100 years in the manufacture of tiles.

Sandwich on tile
Diari de Mallorca
News about the V Award of author sandwiches of Madrid Fusion 2018 of the newspaper Diari de Mallorca, on 23 January 2018, where the 3rd reward was presented on one of our tiles, created for the event.

Introduction Weekly Brisas
Weekly Brisas
Article published in the weekly Brisas from the newspaper Última Hora, on 22 April 2017. It shows the design process and manufacture of hydraulic tiles.

Ben a Prop
Chapter 3 of the IB3 autonomic television programme, issued on 22 August 2016, in which some characters talk about various trades and hobbies. On this occasion, our tile company is interviewed.

Newspaper El Mundo
Newspaper El Mundo
The newspaper El Mundo in the edition of the Balearic Islands, on 5 August 2014, reviews the history of tile factory in Mallorca and also shows the process of elaboration of the cement tiles.

Programme from the island television M de Mallorca, on 21 October 2010, where the protagonist is Guillem Capó, who makes a review to hobbies and work of artisanal manufacture tiles.

Newspaper La Voz
Newspaper La Voz
News printed in the newspaper La Voz, on Monday, 3 January 1998, on the occasion of the delivery of the Charter of Master Craftsman to Bartomeu Capó, one of the founders of the factory.