Handmade hydraulic tiles production

Manufacture of hydraulic tiles

In our company you will find a large variety of tiles with different designs and colours. Moreover, we offer other products, such as porous tiles for swimming pools. Visit us. We are located in Inca.

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Master of Traditional Construction

Included in the national network of traditional construction teachers developed by INTBAU (International Network for Traditional Building, Architecture and Urbanism), where he brings together the leading masters of the various construction trades currently active. Clicking on the image on the left you can see the corresponding certificate. https://redmaestros.com.

Where are we

Address: Carrer de Mostassaf, 24 (Mallorca)
INCA (Illes Balears), 07300
E-mail: guillemcapocoll@gmail.com
Telephone: +34 971 500 876
WhatsApp: +34 658 843 100